Social Care Technology Integrations

Integration partnerships allow our customers to easily make connections between the people they support and programs providing social care. Our secure integrations include referral tools, outcome and care metrics, and seamless workflows across systems.

Findhelp has worked extensively with Epic Care Management to advance what’s possible in the social care sector. Our technology supports three types of integration with Epic’s tools, and we continue to develop new collaborations. Findhelp offers native and launch integrations, including the ability to embed community resource directories in MyChart to help people self-navigate for resources.

Providers using Cerner’s care management solutions can launch findhelp within their Cerner workflow. Using findhelp’s integration technology, navigators have the ability to connect patients and clients with programs and services, while simultaneously accessing patient records and referrals.

Findhelp’s integration with Innovaccer allows care managers using InNote and InCare to search for community resources and make referrals on behalf of clients and patients. Referrals are tracked in member charts and updates appear when clients and patients receive services or resources from community organizations.

eClinicalWorks’ enhanced Population Health solutions help practices understand disease patterns, better assess risk, and improve patients’ engagement and compliance.

Findhelp’s integration with eClinicalWorks allows customers to launch their findhelp platform directly from a patient chart within electronic medical records. This integration allows navigators to connect patients with services while providing navigators direct access to patients’ assessments and referrals.

Partnerships with

Supporting Organizations with Tools & Integrations

Findhelp is committed to strengthening the social care system on multiple levels, including and especially among nonprofits and community-based organizations that deliver direct services to people seeking help. Not only do we offer community organizations a free suite of tools to assist with referrals, tracking, and workflows, but findhelp builds CRM integrations to meet organizations where they are, rather than asking them to change the way they work and the tools they use.

Strategic Partnerships to Strengthen Our Impact

Findhelp partners with a variety of organizations and agencies — including United Way / 2-1-1. We take pride in our collaborations with technology companies, foundations, and social care leaders. It’s part of our commitment to understanding complex issues and challenges in social care so we can bring powerful solutions to the table. At findhelp, we endeavor to learn from other providers, share education and research, and bring people together so more people can find help with dignity and ease.

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