Address social determinants of health in your community

At Findhelp, we built a comprehensive social care referral management platform that makes it easy to connect people to resources, follow them on their journey, and track your impact.

Our configurable software enables customers across industries to connect people to social care programs and services that can help them, driving better health outcomes and decreasing the cost of care.

  • Healthcare

    Scale social needs screening and referral workflows, integrated into your EHR

    Meet emerging SDoH regulatory requirements

    Aggregate data to support community investment and engagement strategies

  • Payers

    Reduce total cost of care with easy connections to community partners

    Boost quality scores, member experience, and Star Ratings

    Gain member insights with aggregated social needs data

  • Government

    Improve access and track impact of government-funded programs

    Create targeted programs for special populations or specific agencies

    Inform program investments with data insights 

  • Employers

    Strengthen your employee assistance program through community connectivity

    Keep your workforce healthy and tackle rising healthcare costs

    Reduce absenteeism by addressing employees’ social needs

  • Schools

    Connect students and families to help they need

    Empower individuals to seek assistance anonymously and with dignity

    Support student success and graduation rates

  • Community Organizations

    Create efficiencies by integrating Findhelp with your system of record

    Power your network with referral tracking, data, and automated billing capabilities

    Use data to enhance your strategy and support funding opportunities