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Social care needs affect everyone at one time or another. Students may need help getting to school, patients may need help paying medical bills, and families may need help securing housing and food. Our configurable platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and ready to meet the needs of your industry and the individuals you serve.











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Findhelp works with more than 100 payer and health plan customers, varying in size, specialty, geography, and lines of business (commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, dental, and more). From small regional specialty plans serving a few counties to national commercial plans, we help case managers connect their members to local services and track social care outcomes.

Here’s a few payers we work with across the country

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Findhelp works with Medicaid payers to reduce costs through preventative and social care measures, fulfill value-added benefits, meet federal reporting requirements, and support 1115 waiver initiatives.


We partner with Medicare payers to support their senior and dual-eligible populations by addressing social needs related to home health, end-of-life care, and more.


We partner with commercial payers to improve their members’ health outcomes by preventing the need for expensive treatments and to reduce costs by lowering emergency department readmission rates.

Accountable Care Organizations

Findhelp works with accountable care organizations to incorporate social care support into their contiuums of care for Medicare patients and help avoid duplication of services.


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Findhelp supports the quadruple aims of hospitals through our nationwide network, supportive workflows, self-navigation capabilities, assessment and referral tools, electronic health record (EHR) integrations, and more. Hospital systems often use findhelp to support post-discharge planning and value-based arrangements.

Here’s a few health systems we work with across the country

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Hospital Systems

National and local hospital systems work with findhelp to supplement their clinical care by addressing patients’ social drivers of health (SDoH) to improve health outcomes.

Academic Hospitals

Academic hospitals are on the cutting edge of medical education and research and focus on providing the best clinical care possible. They partner with findhelp to incorporate social care efforts into their research and track the health impact of addressing social drivers.

Community Hospitals

The American Hospital Association reports that there are 4,840 community hospitals operating in the U.S. today, in rural or urban settings, without federal funding. Findhelp’s platform allows staff at these hospitals to navigate on behalf of their patients and connect them to local social care resources.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

While health centers traditionally offer wraparound services, their patients’ needs often extend beyond the four walls of the clinic and they likely rely on local community organizations and nonprofit programs for social care services and support. Health centers partner with findhelp to track search, referral, responses, and outcomes data to further their impact on the overall health and wellness of their communities and patients.

Independent Physician Associations

The creation of physician networks comes with substantial opportunities for innovation in delivery system modeling and benefit design. Specifically, the creation of practice networks involving medical homes may accelerate important and necessary changes in health care delivery. Many clinicians are getting directly involved in assessing and supporting patient social care needs. Our platform has robust analytics that allow IPAs to review network-wide information and drill down to a specific practice, providing a holistic view of social care trends and gaps.

Health Information Exchanges

We partner with health information exchanges (HIEs) to incorporate social care information into larger medical datasets to gain a holistic perspectivie of regional health challenges and trends. HIEs partner with local health systems and governement entities to address these challenges through innovative programs and policies.


Findhelp works with pharamaceutical companies to provide their patients with access to self-navigation and financial assistance to pay for necessary medications through co-pay and discount programs.

Life Sciences

Social drivers of health – factors such as proximity to relatives, education, bankruptcy, and previous convictions – can tell us a lot about what an individual needs to thrive. By collaborating with life sciences organizations and tools, you can help identify an individual’s risks to improve proactive care.

Retail Clinics

Findhelp is increasingly being used by clinicians and pharmacy staff in retail clinics who provide care for lower-income patients and those without a primary care physician, who often face many social care challenges. As a less-costly alternative for patients who otherwise would go to the emergency department, retail clinics play an important role in their communities.


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Findhelp’s data and analytic tools help municipalities and government entities identify gaps in services and provide actionable insights to inform public policy. We partner with counties, state departments of health, and more to connect their constituents to care.

Here’s a few governments we work with across the country

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Cities and towns are looking for ways to connect their communities with local social services, help staff with care coordination workflows, database integrations, grant reporting, and the overall improvement of lives.

State Health & Human Services

Serving a state’s most vulnerable citizens, Departments of Health and Human Services rely on partners in the community to address health-related social needs. These state departments rely on findhelp to build custom closed-loop referral systems and provide innovative solutions for populations with complex needs like those with HIV or justice-involved, access to behavioral health resources, and community supports for people with substance use disorder.

State Children & Families

State Departments of Children and Families are facing increased responsibility and scrutiny. Findhelp offers solutions to assist in connecting families to community services during primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions, with capabilities to track referrals sent, services provided, and outcomes gained. In addition, we provide highly customizable approaches to intake assessment, data analysis, and reporting to help states comply with complex federal requirements.

Dept. of Workforce Development/Labor

Workforce Development in today’s environment addresses more than simple training and job placement. Job seekers often need help with community support to ensure childcare, transportation, housing, and more. Findhelp builds configureable software that integrates into both agency and community organization systems of record to ensure a seamless flow of referral and outcomes data, ensuring that clients both have access to support and take advantage of it.

State Dept. of Social Services

Serving a state’s most vulnerable citizens, Departments of Social Services rely on their community partners, and department staff rely on findhelp to build custom referral systems to suport populations with complex needs like disabilities, adults and seniors at risk of abuse or neglect, food-insecure families, and others.

State Veteran Affairs

Coordinating benefits, education, employment, family services, behavioral health support, and the transition to civilian life are core to the mission of State Veterans Affairs Departments and rely heavily on support from community-based organizations. Findhelp builds configureable software solutions to connect veterans and their families with the support they need while maintaining best-in-class privacy and consent standards that respects people who have given so much.

Justice Systems

Everyone wants justice-involved individuals to have the support they need to be successful and productive citizens when they return to their communities. Working with court and corrections systems, findhelp connects justice-involved people and their families to the support they need to re-enter to day-to-day life and avoid recidivism.

State Education

Early Childhood Development, Elementary and Secondary Education, School Districts, and Technical / Community Colleges all rely on findhelp to build custom referral systems to increase access to community support for students from their first experience in preschool to the moment they need help finding qualified child care while earning their associate’s degree.

State Medicaid

Medicaid directors understand that to control unnecessary spending while providing care for their most vulnerable patients their programs have to address Health Related Social Needs. Findhelp builds custom closed-loop referral systems that can facilitate reimbursement and integrate within medical records and community-based organization (CBO) systems. Partnering with knowledgeable community engagement organizations with decades of local experience, we are able to build extensive CBO networks.

State Health Authority

Serving a state’s most vulnerable citizens, state health authorities rely on partners in the community to assist ensure they are addressing health related social needs. These authorities work with findhelp to build custom close- loop referral systems and provide innovative solutions for populations with complex needs, like those with HIV or Hepatitis C. In addition, findhelp’s access to a network of thousands of community-based organizations in every community in the country is an invaluable asset during public health emergencies and natural disasters.


Many city and county governments are being tasked with helping their constituents meet basic needs. Does your team have what they need to assist your community? Join findhelp to expand your local social care network.


Schools want to help students achieve their academic goals and dreams, but social factors beyond the institutions’ control can have detrimental impacts on student success and graduation rates. Findhelp supports students at educational institutions around the country, from K-12 to community college systems to private universities and prestigious schools of medicine, by connecting students, staff, and families with resources that help them stay on track.

Here’s a few education institutions we work with across the country

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Community & Technical Colleges

Community colleges primarily serve students from low-income backgrounds who are often facing more complex social care challenges than their peers at four-year colleges and universities. Findhelp’s platform helps navigators assess students’ needs and connect them to resources, particularly around food insecurity, childcare, and lack of transportation.

Colleges & Universities

Colleges and universities want to help students achieve their professional goals and dreams but underlying social care barriers can have detrimental impacts on student success and graduation rates. Findhelp allows these institutions to address these social factors and keep students enrolled and on track.

K-12 School Districts

Students without adequate nutrition or a stable home have a greater likelihood of poor performance, being held back a grade, and not graduating on time. Families of special needs students struggle to navigate support resources, especially if they are under financial strain. We help your students, families, and staff easily connect with free and reduced-cost programs and provide tools to help you make data-driven decisions to meet your students’ needs.


Quickly connect your students and staff with free and reduced-cost programs like rental assistance, childcare, and nutrition support. Partner with findhelp to make data-driven decisions to meet your students’ needs so they can focus on their education!


Organizations like United Way, libraries, disaster relief organizations, and medical associations often serve as pillars of support for their communities whether local, regional, or national. Findhelp partners nationwide with community organizations like these to build local trusted networks.

Here’s a few community institutions we work with across the country

Learn more about how we work with:

Community-Based Organizations

Findhelp’s nationwide network lists thousands of organizations that serve their local communities. Community-based organizations can manage their program listings, close referral loops, give access to team members, analyze program demand, set up eligibility screeners, schedule appointments, and more — all in one place, for free.


Libraries exist to serve their local communities, each of which have unique needs, populations, and available resources. People count on their local libraries for more than just books and computer access; many library patrons are facing complex life challenges, including housing and food insecurity, transportation obstacles, substance abuse, and more. Library staff use findhelp to address questions related to social care needs that are beyond the scope of library resources and to promote self-navigation for patrons.

United Ways / 211s

Finding the right programs and services for those in need can be a daunting task. Findhelp and 211 call centers (operated by United Way and other agencies) partner to bridge this gap by connecting individuals and families with essential resources. Our work together is tailored to the needs of each community and the specific workflows of the organization.


Every organization’s needs are different; we partner closely with each of our customers to design and implement a solution for their goals. Join us to expand the social care network in your community!

Large Employers

Employers are recognizing the importance of addressing social drivers of health (SDoH) to enhance workforce health and performance. While many people receive health insurance and well-being benefits from their employers, health disparities persist, causing absenteeism and high healthcare costs.

Findhelp offers a comprehensive platform that helps you cover your employees’ basic needs and gather data-driven insights for decision-making.

Here’s a few large employers we work with across the country

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Partner With Us

We work with partners across industries to deliver goods and services, develop technical integrations, conduct research, and bring more voices to the table to create social care solutions.

Ordering Goods and Services

Our Marketplace program enables customers to purchase and deliver social care goods and services directly to people seeking help. Through our Marketplace partners, care coordinators and navigators can order rides, food, GED materials, medically-tailored meals, and more.

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