Funding Social Care: Streamline Payments to Community-Based Organizations

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With findhelp it’s never been easier to fund, track, and manage payments for your social care initiatives. Our technology allows you to connect to resources on our platform through integrated workflows, effectively partner with social care providers, manage payments for services, and increase and quantify your impact.

Organizations are looking for ways to directly invest in the programs, services, and systems that improve community health outcomes – we can help.Organizations are looking for ways to directly invest in the programs, services, and systems that improve community health outcomes – we can help. Research shows that when non-medical health-related social needs (HRSNs) like food, housing, and transportation are met, people are healthier. In fact, according to the National Institutes for Health, social needs are estimated to impact 50-60% of health outcomes and evidence continues to suggest that supporting social needs is a critical driver for achieving health equity.

While everyone recognizes the importance of addressing social needs, it can be difficult to secure funding and make payments for services. At findhelp, we have a successful track record of facilitating and supporting end-to-end order and delivery workflows.


Paying for Social Services on Behalf of Individuals

There are three ways to approach sustainable funding – and payments – to effectively tackle the needs in our communities:

  • Directly invest in CBO capacity.Provide financial support to community-based organizations (CBOs) by directly investing in their capacity to respond to social care referrals. This approach builds trusted relationships with your partner CBOs, empowering them to address HRSNs and improve outcomes. 
  • Leverage government funding to partner with CBOs.Leverage Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and/or government funding to partner with community organizations. This model drives improved data, shared success, and the development of best practices. 
  • Address service gaps by partnering with vendors.Address service gaps by partnering with vendors to quickly address barriers such as transportation, important household items like diapers and carseats, and services such as medically-tailored meals. This approach ensures closed-loop delivery and allows you to meet the immediate needs of your clients.

Whether you want to pay CBOs for services, order goods and services from vendors, or use our platform for reimbursements and 1115 waivers, we offer payment services that fit your needs. We simplify eligibility screening, invoicing, billing, and payments so CBOs don’t have to waste time figuring out complex, unfamiliar coding and billing systems and your organization has access to a trusted, secure system for tracking outcomes and making payments.

How it Works

Below is an example of our intuitive payments workflow:

Our payments workflow (1 or 2).

Our payments workflow (2 of 2).

Partner with Us for Secure Social Care Payments

We partner with our customers to make secure payments.We’ve been partnering with our customers to support making payments to community organizations and other service providers since 2019. We collaborate with health plans, managed care organizations, accountable care organizations, vendors like Uber Health, and community-based organizations to configure workflows and payment processes to fit their unique requirements.

With findhelp’s payment technology, you can save time and resources while tracking all your invoicing and billing information in one place. In using our comprehensive platform, you don’t have to worry about managing multiple systems. Our robust data and built-in analytics can be used to inform your decisions about funding and reimbursement, and then measure your impact in the community.


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