Ensuring Medicaid 1115 Waiver Program Success

As new funding becomes available via 1115 Medicaid waivers, Findhelp is here to support your state’s efforts. We collaborate with state leaders across the country to:

  • Collaborate to Design Impactful Waiver Programs
    Our specialists guide you to deliver custom programs that tackle unique needs and difficulties encountered by your Medicaid participants.
  • Workflows to Navigate Complex Regulations
    Our software workflows are designed to help maximize efficiency, meet new requirements, and support end-to-end social care delivery.
  • Tools to Empower Informed Decision-Making
    Our platform provides real-time insights into program performance, enabling data-driven adjustments and continuous improvement.
1115 waiver programs diagram

Proven Success

We’re already partnering with government organizations across the country to improve their health equity programs. Our track record of Medicaid waiver program success includes states like Massachusetts, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and California, where we’ve helped establish successful 1115 programs that drive positive health outcomes for Medicaid enrollees.

Through these partnerships, we’ve seen:

  • Reduced emergency room utilization
  • Improved access to preventive care
  • Decreased healthcare costs
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Here are some organizations we’re working with on 1115 waiver program implementation:

Logos of findhelp partners, including Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Medi-Cal, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, MassHealth, FSSA, and TennCare

Join Us

Let’s work together to bridge the health equity gap through innovative 1115 waiver programs. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today and explore how we can empower your state’s Medicaid transformation.

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