Our Shared Principles

  • We believe people should be able to quickly find and apply for social care, and deserve an answer as to whether or not they qualify.
  • Organizations track search, referral, response and outcome data to further their impact on overall health and wellness of the community and individuals.
  • We believe that by leveraging the strengths of both our organizations, we can create a greater impact for the communities we serve.

Supporting Nonprofits

We support these principles with our product, tools, and community engagement team.

Free Intake Tools

Nonprofits receive access to our Open Toolkit, where they can update their service offerings, receive inbound referrals, publish available appointment slots, and update referral statuses.

Eligibility Screener

Service providers can quickly determine if someone qualifies for services, spending more time helping. They can vet applicants with a customizable questionnaire that populates within findhelp.

Impact Reporting

Nonprofits can measure inbound activities with our suite of reporting tools, and our Claimed Program Dashboard gives a detailed view of program interest and engagement.

Closing the Loop

CBOs, Helpers, and Seekers can all update referral status and services received, closing the loop from within our platform. Learn more about how we close the loop here.

Our Network

Our free search is in every ZIP Code in the United States. We’re transparent about our program network — you can see program information availability for every county across the country.

The Best of Both Worlds

We believe in making information available to our communities in as many ways as possible, and partner to create a “no-wrong-door” approach for individuals seeking help.

Meeting Seekers Where They Are

We compliment each other’s work. For people in a vulnerable situation who need to speak to someone, having an accessible option to call is critical. We’ve partnered with United Ways to connect individuals on our platform to their contact center for deeper navigation assistance. Read more about our partnership with Mass211, connecting seekers on our customers’ sites to Mass211 navigation specialists.

Collaborating on Projects Together

We’re engaged in several program data partnerships with 2-1-1 stakeholders across the country, leveraging the value of our mutual investment in data management to bring the community more comprehensive care. We collaborated with 2-1-1 San Bernardino to share program information and updates in support of ConnectIE. By adding 2-1-1 data to findhelp’s network of resources, people benefit from a larger pool of free and reduced cost programs.

Addressing Systems-Level Change

Our partnership with the Austin United Way brings together a wide array of healthcare organizations and nonprofits to become a Model Community, working to address the health and social care needs of all its citizens. As a Model Community, we leverage shared data to uncover insights into what services are most used, which are most needed, and the impact that connecting individuals to these services has on the community’s health and well-being.

Featuring Community Partners

We celebrate our customers’ community partnerships. We can highlight programs listed on our platform to feature a 2-1-1 or United Way program where a customer has a special relationship. For example, United Way may provide a specialized early childhood program that is relevant to a customer’s client population. We can flag that program within our platform as such to highlight the United Way as a preferred partner who provides a critical program or service relevant to a customer’s population.

Our Partners

Findhelp and United Way / 2-1-1 have worked together in several states to strengthen community health and wellness.

In some regions, the 2-1-1 community search is powered by Findhelp as well.

Data Partnerships such as with 2-1-1 San Bernardino are supportive of the community, as we bring data together to surface the strongest, most accurate network with breadth and depth.

Interested in partnering with us?

Let's work together!