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Power your social care systems with findhelp, the only social care network with over 1,694 (or more!) program locations serving every single county in America.

This map of our expansive network shows programs and services in every community that are meeting social needs. Take a look.

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We make it easier for customers to close the loop for their clients, patients, and members.

Everyone involved in the referral process can see who is being referred, who made the referral, and the receiving organization. When updates occur throughout the process, the entire care team receives an update.

This shared access increases the likelihood that the process goes smoothly and referral loops are closed. Customer navigators can access and review their clients’ full social care history — with client permission — including goals, completed assessments, and more.

Our data allows customers to analyze impacts, understand needs, and provide better services.

Customers can use our standard reports to quickly and easily analyze social care trends on their sites, and our data science team can create custom reports by request. Customers can access their data via a SQL database connection, API integration, or CSV downloads.

Customer-branded sites allow access to our full platform, plus customized tweaks tailored to your community.

Findhelp is the only technology that allows customers to tailor their network using favorites, filters, and custom navigation, while also receiving access to the entirety of our program listings. Our network includes programs that cater to every type of social need, and we’re ready to work with customer groups of all sizes to ensure effective, efficient, and thoughtful social care for your region.

We work with many systems of record, so customers can continue using what already works.

Our integrated solutions incorporate customers’ existing data and simplify workflows. Through findhelp integrations, we link referrals and their outcomes to core clinical and care management systems.

This way, customers have better insights about their social care impact. Our Partnerships Team works with major EHRs and CMSs to connect systems and data sources seamlessly.

We have an entire team dedicated to helping customers connect with organizations and maximize our tools.

Our Community Engagement Team helps customers develop new relationships and strengthen existing partnerships with local organizations. We offer trainings, monitor and report on regional social care trends, and suggest platform improvements on behalf of service providers.

We are vigilant when it comes to protecting user privacy and empowering users to control access to their information.

Confidentiality and privacy are top priorities at findhelp. In addition to existing HIPAA and FERPA authorizations, we capture consent for every referral made through the platform, ensuring people have control over who can see their personal information.

We intentionally avoid “all-in consent” models so people can decide who has access to their information at any given time.

Our network offers the largest repository of social needs programs in the country, with the ability to search locally.

The findhelp network covers all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and all U.S. territories. With more than 19 million users, 536,336 program locations, and hundreds of customers across a range of industries, findhelp’s customers connect millions of people to the help they need.

Our platform lists over 1,672 program locations serving every single county in America, and our network is live and ready to use wherever our customers are located.

Interoperability delivers a better social care experience. We know that sharing information such as programs, referral history or outcomes, using industry-first webhooks benefits everyone. That’s why we published the first-ever white paper on social referral interoperability and have adopted FHIR standards for data exchange. We’re also proud to have led two standards proposals to the ONC, and are collaborating with HIMSS, the ONC, Epic, and others on a shared strategy.

User Search Activity

Our search platform is free and open so people can search for resources with dignity, ease, and without restrictions or gatekeepers.

Our search data indicates the types of help needed most by people across the country, in all 50 states and US territories. Click on any state in the map below to see the total number of user searches by state and the most requested social needs based on findhelp’s search data.

  • Search counts by state include searches from 2015 through 2022.
  • Category search breakdown is based on data from the previous four quarters and includes a subset of searches that can be mapped to a top level category (such as food or health).
  • The category breakdown is a type of chart called a tree graph.  The size and color density of the category block represents the category proportion of overall search volume.
  • Free-text search terms are grouped into the appropriate top level category where possible and are included in the overall category percentage but are not shown in the list of specific terms.
  • Free-text search terms, program searches, and other search types are grouped into the ‘Other’ category shown in the category breakdown.
  • The category percentages shown help demonstrate the volume of searches in a top level category but should be used as an approximation, as the category grouping methods are regularly updated.

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