Update My Program

  • Update your Aunt Bertha listing directly
  • Reflect changes immediately
  • Help people connect to accurate information

Update your Aunt Bertha listing yourself so that it reflects any program changes in real time.

This serves as an additional safeguard to our data quality processes, helping people connect to accurate information.

Referral Tracking

  • Track and manage referrals you receive through Aunt Bertha
  • Update the status of referrals with just one click
  • Report on completion of services

Once someone refers a person in need to your organization, you can update the status of that referral and track what happened. This way, it’s easy for your staff, the Seeker, and the person helping them to determine right within Aunt Bertha whether you were able to provide help.

Because multiple parties can update status, demonstrating completion of services isn’t dependent on your care team. All fields pertaining to a referral — appointment details, screening results, referral status, and more — are available to view in real time.

Impact Reports & Analytics

  • Track your impact for funding initiatives
  • Gather insights about your program
  • Get eligibility reporting on incoming referrals

Get access to reports on any programs that you’ve claimed in our program database. These reports show how often your programs have displayed in searches on Aunt Bertha, as well as the type and

number of actions taken on each program, demonstrating your value to donors and supporters. For example, reports such as our Claimed Program Dashboard provides a detailed view of program interest and engagement.


  • Run custom eligibility screens to qualify applicants
  • Find out if your organization can serve their needs
  • Vet applicants directly within Aunt Bertha

One of our most popular features among nonprofits, our screening tool offers an additional layer of questions that confirms whether or not someone is eligible for services. Vet applicants with a customizable questionnaire that populates right within Aunt Bertha.

Your care team has the option of either choosing from pre-made questions or creating their own. This tool helps your staff spend less time qualifying and more time helping. An added bonus: you’ll receive eligibility reporting on the referrals you receive, helping you streamline your intake strategy.


  • Display eligibility requirements on your listing
  • Indicate current capacity for your program
  • Includes eligibility for income, age, or other custom criteria

You can detail eligibility requirements for income level, age, prerequisites, location/address, as well as custom eligibility criteria, right on your program card. Because programs can be

filtered by eligibility criteria, including this field in your listing is a powerful screening tool. You can also update your capacity to take new clients as demand and resources change.

Team Sharing

  • Add team members to your view
  • Allow others to edit program listing, view reports, and more
  • Share favorite programs with your team

Our team sharing tool unlocks Open Toolkit access to entire teams at a nonprofit. Team sharing allows staff to invite members of their team to

manage their program listing(s), run reports, create and share favorites, and more; permissions may be set for individual team members, specifying various access levels.

Appointment Scheduler

  • Schedule appointments directly in Aunt Bertha
  • Send reminders with appointment details
  • Notify people via email, phone, or text

Our free scheduling tool sends reminders with custom notes and appointment details via email, phone, or text. You can also add appointments to Google Calendar and Outlook.

Nonprofits also have the ability to set custom availability for staff members, book appointments with individuals over the phone, and allow people in need to book appointments for themselves.

Free toolkit for

By claiming your program on Aunt Bertha, you’ll get free tools to manage your program listing and gather valuable insights for use in impact reporting.

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