New Partnership to Support Delawareans with Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Needs

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Findhelp is proud to announce we have won a contract with the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH) to help state residents find the substance use disorder and mental health services they need. Read on to learn more about this new partnership and our existing network in Delaware, and stay tuned for our follow-up post next week where we’ll share more about our experience supporting organizations that provide substance use and mental health services.


Expanding the Delaware Treatment & Referral Network 

We will partner with DSAMH and Bamboo Health, a leader in real-time health care intelligence, to provide search and referral services to the 30,000 Delaware residents who rely on DSAMH, allowing them to connect to human services programs that address social drivers of health. 

Quote from Joanna Champney, Director at Delaware Health and Social Services

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Our Network in Delaware

One of the reasons DSAMH chose findhelp is because we have an engaged network that’s already in place. Our network spans the entire Blue Hen state and Delawareans across the state are using our platform to find and connect to needed services and support. 

  • 97,259 users statewide 
  • 404,971 searches statewide
  • 2,623 listed programs serving Delaware
  • 493 claimed programs serving Delaware

Findhelp’s data and analytic tools can identify gaps in services and provide actionable insights to inform public policy. For example, over the past two years, monthly users and searches on findhelp’s network in Delaware jumped 392% and 163% respectively, reflecting our important (and growing) role in connecting Delawareans to local social assistance. 

Quarterly Searches in Delaware on findhelp Platforms


Partnering for Success in Delaware 

As of October 2023, we partner with more than 11 customers throughout the state to connect their patients, members, students, constituents, and clients to local resources. 

findhelp customers in Delaware


Here are some highlights of how these organizations successfully partner and innovate with us to lift up their communities.

Delaware First Health

Delaware First Health

  • Delaware First Health (part of Centene Corporation) is committed to improving the health of the community one individual at a time through affordable and reliable health care plans.
  • They do this through their focus on the individual, whole health, and local involvement. 
  • Delaware First Health launched their findhelp platform in January 2023 to help address the social care needs of their members and the broader community. First Health staff can easily log in the platform using their corporate account and search for resources on behalf of members with ease. 



  • TidalHealthTidalHealth is a nonprofit organization that serves the Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) region.
  • They take pride in being able to offer new treatments and advancements in clinical research to their patients, with a goal to keep patients at the forefront and provide extraordinary care to keep them well.
  • TidalHealth launched HealthyDelmarva (powered by findhelp) in September of 2022 with an initial goal of providing resources to underserved populations (specifically diabetics) but they have quickly expanded across the organization to serve all patients who have identified health equity concerns.


Centurion Health

  • Centurion HealthCenturion Health is a leading national provider of healthcare and behavioral health services to incarcerated, justice-involved, and other special populations.
  • Their clinicians serve by providing healthcare services that go beyond patient care, transforming the health and safety of the community, one person at a time.
  • Centurion launched their Centurion Health FindHelp platform (powered by findhelp) in January 2022 to provide currently incarcerated individuals and people reentering society with an easy way to connect to social services and support. They promote their platform with promotional posters inside prison walls and convenient reminders like wallet cards that individuals can carry.


Next Steps for DTRN360

The state’s new system, which findhelp will integrate with, is called DTRN360 and will be designed, developed, and deployed by Bamboo Health over approximately the next 6 months. DTRN360 will add significant capabilities to the existing DTRN (Delaware Treatment and Referral Network) to better serve residents in need.


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