Social Drivers of Health (SDoH) Analytics: Health Leaders Amplify Impact Through Insights

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For people navigating the complexities of life, social care can be a bridge between struggle and progress, but for organizations providing support, understanding the needs of their communities can be a fragmented puzzle. Findhelp’s closed loop referral management platform provides social drivers of health (SDoH) analytics and reporting that allow leaders in healthcare, education, and social care to see and measure the needs of their community and the impact of their actions. These insights also help social care groups identify trends, track needs, spot issues, and secure funding to help more people–all while protecting user privacy.


Highland Rivers: Seeing Social Care Needs, Serving with Precision

Imagine a public safety net agency like Highland Rivers Behavioral Health in Georgia, an organization that serves individuals and families wrestling with food insecurity, housing instability, and a lack of healthcare.Highland Rivers’ clinicians and case managers use the findhelp platform to identify and refer clients to local resources for food assistance and legal aid.

Findhelp enables the company to amplify its impact by seeing and addressing needs with precision using the platform’s Customer SQL product. This feature enables Highland’s team to unlock a trove of insights, not just through tracked social care referrals, but through anonymous, aggregate search trends.

A recent Cobb County Courier article featured the success Highland Rivers has achieved from putting these insights to work. Highland’s findhelp sites supported 8,661 searches, with ‘housing’ emerging as the top concern across the communities they serve. County-level analysis, however, revealed fascinating nuances. While ‘housing’ dominated several counties, ‘healthcare’ needs took the lead in Cherokee and Gilmer Counties, and Murray County grappled with food insecurity as its primary need.

This granularity is precisely what empowers Highland Rivers to meet people where they are. Informed by data, they can strategically allocate resources and tailor interventions. Knowing that Pickens County faces a housing crisis while Murray County prioritizes food assistance allows them to direct their investments and partnerships in the most efficient way.


Highmark Health: From Insights to Impact, Building a Data-Driven Social Care Network

Highmark Health is another thriving organization working with findhelp to deliver better outcomes for its community. The organization serves over 7 million members in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia.

A findhelp partner since 2020, they leverage the platform’s power to connect members with local social services and streamline internal workflows. But Highmark takes it a step further. They harness findhelp’s data by building custom analytics, powered by tools like Tableau, that allows them to identify high-performing partner organizations, track user engagement, and even map needs against external datasets like income, revealing deeper layers of insights.

One of Highmark’s most powerful initiatives is their social care network pilot in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties. In partnership with findhelp, they created a Trusted Network where participating community-based organizations (CBOs) receive financial support for services provided. To ensure value-based reimbursement to these CBOs, enhanced analytics were crucial. By leveraging findhelp data, Highmark identified the top-performing organizations and tracked engagement, ensuring efficient resource allocation within the network.


Empowering Collective Impact: Communities Empowered, Lives Transformed

The stories of Highland Rivers, Highmark, and dozens of other customers  in the findhelp network illustrate the transformative power of data-driven social care. Findhelp’s Customer SQL product empowers organizations to see beyond immediate needs, revealing the broader landscape of community struggles. This enables them to:

  • Checklist imageAnticipate challenges: Knowing the dominant needs in their communities allows organizations to be proactive in identifying potential issues and addressing them before they escalate.
  • Identify and leverage key programs/services: Findhelp’s data pinpoints available local resources, ensuring individuals receive the specific support they need.
  • Strategically allocate resources: Data-driven insights inform resource allocation, maximizing impact and ensuring efficient use of funding.
  • Collaborate effectively: By sharing data and insights with community partners, organizations can foster stronger collaboration and create a more comprehensive support network.

Ultimately, the insight the findhelp platform provides isn’t just about numbers; it’s about making a positive impact on health and wellness. It’s about the Highland Rivers client finding stable housing or a healthy food source. It’s about ensuring health equity with access to essential healthcare and being there to ensure clients’ most pressing needs are met with dignity and ease. It’s about empowered communities, one insight at a time. As more organizations tap into the power of findhelp’s data-driven solutions, the future of social care promises to be one of greater impact, deeper understanding, and ultimately, healthier communities for all.


Unlock SDoH Insights with findhelp

You can start unlocking insights from SDoH data by scheduling a demonstration of the findhelp platform today. See how findhelp makes managing social care initiatives more efficient and effective with complete closed-loop referral management and the nation’s largest network of free and low-cost social care programs.

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