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Our Customers

We serve hundreds of customers across the United States and they continue working with us year after year. Our customers are diverse, ranging from school districts to housing developments to correctional systems. You can take a peek at the leading companies that use findhelp here.

We work with national and regional health plans across the country to address their members’ social care needs. Here is a snapshot of some of our payer customers.

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Fundamentally Different

Seekers First, Always

Seekers, or the people in need navigating for social services, come first above all else at findhelp. We’re protective of them and take extraordinary measures to ensure that their interests are served in every aspect of our business.

Below are the ways that our seeker-focused model is fundamentally different than any other offering on the market.

Focused Network

An Open Platform

We believe that people deserve to see the total universe of social services available to them. We believe that the power of technology should be used to increase access to the fullest extent. Our approach is fundamentally different from offerings in which someone else decides what’s best for people in need, evident in product design that prescribes which services certain populations can access. In contrast, we believe that your users know what’s best for themselves, so we provide the widest lens of available resources, giving people the dignity of navigating a complete set of options. Marrying an open platform with the flexibility to design a tailored search creates the most value.

Tailored Search

Searching from a wide base with the ability to filter on multiple dimensions generates relevant results without prematurely excluding available programs. Sophisticated filters refine search results as deep as you need, resulting in the most relevant resources for your users. Dynamically populated filters appear in response to each search, culled from hundreds of available categories. Adapted screening tools provide additional means testing and eligibility checks at the point of referral.

We Respect Nonprofits

Social care providers form the backbone of your community, and we applaud the work they do. We believe that supporting and partnering with them have drawn a critical mass of programs onto our network. Rather than force them to meet criteria that we set, we provide free intake and screening tools so that they have an incentive to receive vetted referrals and people from our platform. We have a Community Engagement department dedicated to providing free resources and training to help them succeed.

A Network in Place

We list over 1,600 programs in each and every county in the U.S. — these programs have been accessed by over 19 million users nationwide. To keep it clean we don’t charge you extra to build your network from scratch — it’s already being built, monitored, and growing daily! A social care network that’s already in place is quite different from a promise to assemble one at a future date. Building a network of participating resource providers and governments is difficult and takes a long time (we’ve been in it longer than anybody). Because people are already sending and receiving referrals through our platform, there’s an ecosystem in place for you to tap into immediately.

Free Data Enhancements

Our network is years ahead of the rest, but there are always more programs to evaluate — we’ll work with you to make it even stronger with more local knowledge. We provide focused enhancements to add any unlisted programs in your region of interest as part of your subscription.

Lasting Community Engagement

We foster deep, long-term relationships between our customers and the social care providers that receive referrals. This is a long-term project in which you partner alongside with us — not outsource to us. We believe relationships are built with nonprofits through local relationships, not outsourced vendor promises. With this approach, we grow a sustainable social care network that thrives beyond the onboarding period.

Integration Expertise

We know that seamless integration of social determinants workflows within your existing system of record is critical to successful adoption — we’ve created new, modern APIs to support data exchange with EHRs and care platforms. Many of our current customers reached out to us after trying competing solutions — they no longer wanted to be encumbered by older, costly HL7 interfaces that require custom configurations. Our implementation team is led by a former EHR veteran and our long track record of successful system integrations over a decade inspires confidence.

We Close the Loop

We provide a full, closed-loop experience between your organization, your clients, and nonprofits, providing a longitudinal social care record to all parties. We encourage the engagement of receiving entities and reflect the latest progress of a referral, including completion of services. Learn more about how we close the loop!

Our Data

When a new program is identified (by findhelp, your organization, or nonprofits), our Curation Team undergoes a manual, four-step process before publishing it. The result is an active program listing that has been verified and optimized for the best user experience.

Unlike program software based on automated scraping technology, human validation goes beyond simply lifting data. Our team synthesizes massive amounts of information into an intuitive experience that empowers people to get the help they need, simply and quickly.

Step 1: Identify Program

We find programs through multiple sources including our human Data Team, customers, and users across the country.

Step 2: Verify Program

Our Curation Team makes calls to programs, verifies fields, and makes it easy for people to digest info quickly.

Step 3: Optimize User Experience

Our Quality Control Specialists check program results to ensure the listing is easy to understand. Every published listing is reviewed by two (real) humans!

Step 4: Publish Program

We’ve been refining our data operations for nearly a decade with the best database out there. And we’re still going — we add hundreds of programs every day!

Ready from Day One

The two most important metrics for assessing technology partners in this space is their number of: 1) end users; and 2) active, engaged social care providers on their platform. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of an existing network of users and providers that’s already experiencing a compounding network effect. Achieving traction of both user types in conjunction is so critical because more people searching for help in one place attracts engaged nonprofits aided by a single point of entry for qualified applicants to their programs. More responsive social care providers that can be found in one place will, in turn, draw even more users who have a great experience and tell others about it, continuing to build a self-reinforcing network.

Findhelp is, by many factors, the most popular platform for social services in the U.S. with millions of users nationwide, and continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. We also host the largest network of social care providers on our platform. By joining this network made up of an installed user base already sending and receiving high volumes of referrals, you’ll be able to help your community immediately. Because our referral functionality is already active on day one, you will skip the lengthy onboarding of other “pay it and we’ll build it” network models.

Explore our Connections

The interactive map below illustrates our comprehensive coverage of social care programs in every US county, including state and national programs. Select any county to view the breakdown of program categories (such as housing and financial assistance) and use the map filter to select interactive geographic areas.

Relevant Features

Many organizations that use our platform choose a premium version that offers advanced features and dedicated support. Folks who upgrade to our paid products are usually part of a team that needs more than basic program search. Our program information is just the beginning of our offering — the heart of what we do is in the tools and services that close the referral loop (in other words, ensure that people get help successfully).

Our customers love features of our paid products such as premium insights, electronic health record integration, Single Sign-on, and much more. Highlighted below is a handful of product capabilities from our platform’s vast feature set.

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Implementation and Pricing

Next, let’s take a deeper dive to confirm that findhelp is the right solution for your organization. In the following section, we’ll cover our analytics & reporting features, our approach to data privacy & security, integration capabilities, our implementation timeline, and detailed pricing.