Introduction to findhelp transcript

Visuals: The findhelp logo, featuring a star in a circle, animates onto a white screen.

Mobile Grocery Store attendant: Now be careful. Watch your step, OK?

Visuals: A man dressed in a winter coat assists a woman with a cane as she prepares to enter a bus. The side of the bus reads: Eat Well Mobile Grocery Store. A sandwich board stands outside the bus.

Narrator: At Find Help, we built our industry-leading social care network to connect people seeking help with programs that serve them locally.

Visuals: Mobile Grocery workers help elderly clients select and carry their groceries. At another food distribution event, people stand in a long line on a city sidewalk and are given bags of groceries.

Audio: Volunteer speaking Spanish

Visuals: A volunteer talks to a woman waiting in line and marks some information down on a clipboard.

Narrator: Find Help technology makes it possible for customers to add social care into their systems and their operations.

Visuals: A social worker is seen from behind, standing at her desk and navigating a findhelp-powered social care platform while talking on the phone. Two more social workers sit at their desks, working on their computers.

Audio: Customers connect to our network, which is active in every ZIP code in the country, listing more than half a million program locations verified by our own network team. That means our customers can start making connections and referrals right away.

Visuals: Screenshots of several customer findhelp portals appear, followed by a quick succession of city and town names, indicating that there are thousands of programs to be found in each of them. A map of the US appears and is quickly filled by animated location marker icons.

Social worker: I was just calling to check in to see how it’s going. Were you able to find housing, or are you still with your daughter?

Visuals: A social worker sits at her desk and talks on the phone with one of her clients. Several other social workers are shown working at their desks.

Narrator: They can also track progress and follow up with care using their existing tools and workflows because Find Help supports dozens of integrations and our platform is interoperable with their documentation systems.

Visuals: Computer screen recordings show findhelp’s progress-tracking and data analytics tools. An array of technology company logos pop on screen to illustrate examples of findhelp’s supported integrations.

Audio: Our customers can create branded sites and offer their employees, members, clients, and patients a way to search and connect to resources independently because customers know their own communities best.

Visuals: A woman sits working at a computer, and screen recordings show examples of customized site details.

Audio: A dedicated findhelp team member ensures every customer knows how to maintain and grow relationships with social care organizations in their area. And did we mention transparent pricing?

Visuals: A quick montage of people helping each other at food pantries, a street outreach event, and a community event to build free wheelchair ramps.

Mobile Grocery Store attendant: If you ever need anything, you know where we’re at.

Visuals: Back at the Mobile Grocery Store, two people assist a woman in a wheelchair with her groceries.


Narrator Join us, and bring connected social care to your community.

Visuals: An aerial view shows a neighborhood in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A variety of animated icons indicating different types of programs appear to float over some of the buildings.

Visuals: The screen fades to white and the findhelp logo appears, then everything fades to black.