Integration Choice

In the same way that (CBOs) select their case management systems to suit their unique requirements, they should be able to decide if they want to integrate with other systems.

They should be able to tell other systems whether or not they want to receive referrals, and if so, where referrals should be sent.

Interoperability Benefits Everyone

Systems working together makes social care better for everyone. Here’s why:

It’s better for the Seeker.

When systems talk to each other, there’s a better chance that a person seeking help can quickly find out whether or not they qualify for a service from a CBO.

It’s better for the CBO.

Case managers and social workers wouldn’t have to log into multiple systems to do their jobs, and could make and receive referrals in one place.

It’s better for our customers.

Our customers could make referrals and track outcomes from within their system of record.

How We Approach Interoperability

Electronic Referrals

Nonprofits can respond to referrals in their chosen system of record; we support this through our interoperable framework.

Outcomes Tracking

Through our API and webhooks, stakeholders can see referral outcomes in real-time.

Intake Assessments

Our customers have access to assessment history so that they don’t have to repeat the same questions.

In 2020, we laid out our vision for achieving interoperability. To learn more, download our whitepaper below.

Our Partners

Findhelp’s network integrates with a growing list of case management systems and electronic health record systems. We are actively working to expand our integrations to support CBOs helping our communities. Tap on the button below to request an integration.

Our Commitment

Because we’re at the table with our partners — listening, learning, and contributing — we have a unique perspective on the national conversation about alleviating poverty through technology. 

We’re committed to providing a home for users without an existing system, meeting them where they are.

As more guidance emerges from accredited standards-developing bodies such as the Gravity Project, HIMSS, and others, we commit to active participation to accelerate interoperable electronic health information exchange.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download our whitepaper below.