Reporting Suites

Our reporting suites provide both high-level and detailed views of local needs as well as activity by nonprofits and staff, leading to invaluable data and insights. Whether it be data on the work of a specific team of staff members or for community assessment reports, you will have what you need to glean insights and make meaningful changes.

We integrate with business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Sisense, Google Data Studio, and more for dashboard development. Custom predictive tools can be integrated into front-end dashboard reports using Python and R, and we provide an option for SQL access to connect directly to your search data in your dashboard tools and systems of record.

Examples of our built-in reports can be found on our Help Desk:

Reporting Highlights

  • 12 reporting suites, 40+ reports;
  • Activities tracked by click;
  • Data updated daily;
  • Data is exportable;
  • SQL database access;
  • Customizable filters and data ranges;
  • Slice & dice data how you want; and
  • Reports for different user types.

Report Name

Available To

Questions Answered

Site Activity Summary All Plans
  • How many and what type of people are interacting with the platform?
  • How are these users engaging with the platform?
  • What are the trends over time around users and their engagement?
Search Activity All Plans
  • What are the general search trends in terms of volume, search term, and geography?
  • How have searches changed over time?
Flyout Activity All Plans
  • How many times did the Flyout appear?
  • How did users engage with the Flyout?
Assessment Activity All Plans
  • How many assessments were submitted over time?
  • How many people were assessed?
  • What proportion had a need identified?
  • What social needs trends were observed?
Site Assessment Details All Plans
  • Who are the individuals who have been assessed?
  • What are the individual Seeker, social needs, and Helper details of each assessment that is being completed?
Referral Activity All Plans
  • How many referrals have been made? For how many individuals?
  • What are the statuses of the referrals? Were people able to get help?
  • Which programs are referred to most frequently? And are people able to get help?
Site Referral Details All Plans
  • Who are the individuals who have been helped through the platform?
  • What are the program, provider, and Helper details of each referral that is being sent?
Group and Worker
All Plans
  • How often are groups and/or individuals using the site?
  • What group(s) is an individual user a part of?
Program Summary Dashboard All Plans
  • How many programs are in my service area? And are they claimed?
  • What programs do your users commonly engage with on your sites?
  • And how are uses engaging with them (i.e. interact, connect, refer)?

Standard reports available with your findhelp subscription.

Reporting Details

At findhelp, meeting key regulations and protecting sensitive information is important to the integrity of the network. We’re proud to be among a small group of organizations around the world to earn HITRUST CSF Certification and HITRUST Certification of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for our site, endpoints, and supporting infrastructure.

Data Privacy & Security

The Seeker, a person navigating social services, comes first above all else at findhelp. We’re protective of Seekers’ data and take extraordinary measures to secure their information. As such, we’ve developed multiple policies and procedures to ensure that the integrity of privacy is maintained throughout our platform. Learn more about how we protect the privacy of Seekers.

We have solutions for role-based privacy, vulnerability management and system maintenance, as well as an Incident Response program as part of our broader Written Information Security Policy. Access to sensitive information is always limited to authorized and authenticated users, and our processes include user consent to determine access. We absolutely do not market to Seekers.

HITRUST Certified

We’ve received the HITRUST CSF Certification and HITRUST Certification of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for our site, endpoints, and supporting infrastructure. HITRUST certification incorporates HIPAA as well as NIST 800-53 security controls and validates that we’re committed to meeting the most stringent regulations for protecting sensitive information.

HITRUST CSF Certified status demonstrates that we’ve met key regulatory and industry-defined requirements and that we’re appropriately managing risk. This achievement places us in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have achieved this certification. By including federal and state regulations, standards and frameworks, and incorporating a risk-based approach, the HITRUST CSF helps organizations address these challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls.


EHR Integration

We recognize the importance of integrating social determinants of health workflows with your existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. We work directly with providers of these systems, including athenahealth, eClinicalWorks, Epic, and Cerner so that the record of care follows your patient from inside clinical walls out into the community.

Care Coordination Platforms

We continue to grow our partnerships with care coordination software providers, and currently offer integration with Altruista Health, VirtualHealth, and several other care management systems. We can integrate with additional platforms via our RESTful API, as well as integrate your existing resource database by blending findhelp’s programs with yours into your existing tools (such as community resources in your EHR system).

CRM Systems Integration

We continue to grow our partnerships with customer relationship management systems, and currently offer integrations with Salesforce and RedCap to track incoming referrals from your organization through this platform. Our integration with Salesforce enables you to monitor referral history through the Contact Sync feature in Salesforce when you open a contact record in your Salesforce instance. It also provides a way to connect people to your Salesforce contacts for communication and follow-up. The findhelp app is currently available in the Salesforce AppExchange store.

Program Search API

The ability to search findhelp natively. Search based on ZIP Code, program tags, specific program keys, and more.

Referral API

The ability to send native demographic data from an EHR to findhelp. Generate the outgoing email notification to the CBO and track the referral in the platform for the Seeker and CBO.

Return Referral Status API

The ability for status updates in your platform to generate a status message back to the source referrer platform or EHR (updated closed loop data transfer).

In-House Technical Support

Our Engineering Team works directly with integration partners. Our COO and Director of Engineering will also support the technical implementation of your EHR system integration. Because we handle integrations in-house rather than hiring a third party to do the work, the process is faster, your data doesn’t need to be shared with unknown parties, and your development team saves human hours otherwise spent interfacing with multiple players.


We are advancing the standards needed to facilitate the transfer of data across healthcare systems and support statewide and regional data exchanges. We use SMART on FHIR protocols, as well as native EHR application tools for imports, API transactions, and data exchange. We also provide an external REST API that provides programmatic access to findhelp program and referral data. We’re strong advocates of interoperability standards for the exchange of assessment and referral data that allows patients, service providers, and other organizations to share documentation regardless of which system of record they use. This is possible via web hooks that allow organizations sharing in the care of patients to inform each other of the information they’ve agreed to share. Through APIs, organizations can query each other for assessment results, referral data, and care plans.

Learn More

API Access

We’ve created new, modern APIs to support data exchange with EHRs and care platforms. Enterprise customers have access to our API key and integration guide, enabling your development team to quickly integrate our programs into your workflows. Through API technology, any additions or changes to findhelp’s program database will reflect in your systems in real-time. Updates are distinguished from new records and show the date, nature of change(s), and who made the change(s). API access is appropriate if you want raw data that you can configure into your own customized workflows.

Project Deliverables

Setting up a new piece of technology may seem like a big project. But don’t worry — we’re here to make it easy for you! A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be assigned to your project as your point of contact throughout the implementation process and beyond. The CSM will work with your entire team to answer inquiries, resolve issues, drive user adoption, and review progress against target milestones.

Our Engineering Team has implemented our platform into hundreds of customer systems over the past decade. Our methodical approach to planning, configuration, third party integration, deployment, and support will pave the way to a seamless start so that your team can hit the ground running with our software.

Implementation and Timeline

Week 1

  • Kickoff!
  • We will kick off your project to establish the high-level project scope, ownership, and expectations.

Week 2

  • Project Scope
  • We will incorporate your requirements, integration needs, and KPIs into the project plan.

Week 3

  • Assessments
  • We will build standard HRSN and custom assessments on your platform.

Week 4

  • Reporting
  • We will set up your reporting tools and customer views that you have requested.

Week 5

  • Platform Enablement
  • We will complete branding and front-end configuration for a customized experience.

Week 6

  • User Roles Setup
  • We will define and create user roles for your team.

Week 7

  • Workflow Integration
  • We’ll complete Single-Sign-On and integrate referral information with your SoR.

Week 8

  • Community Outreach
  • We will onboard key Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in your network.

Week 9

  • Staff Enablement
  • We will complete training for your staff.

Week 10

  • Launch!
  • Your platform will be live and ready to promote through internal and external campaigns.

Ongoing Support

  • Beyond the approximate 10-week implementation timeline, we provide ongoing support for your staff and community.
  • We work with you to expand adoption to meet your goals, ensuring training is embedded into your organization;
  • We optimize workflows and monitor progress against closed -loop outcomes;
  • We engage participating programs in your community and onboard them onto your new platform; and most importantly
  • We work with you to develop an SDoH strategy of real-time and proactive intervention.

Please note that this is a general timeline — your final project plan will be set by your Customer Success Manager after scoping. The sequence, steps, and timing set forth below are subject to change.


We provide four levels of training:

  • Basic training on how to use the platform;
  • Advanced training on functionality aligned to specific workflows;
  • Site administrator training; and
  • Train-the-trainer training.

We also offer training customized to user type. For example, we have a provider specific training track as well as CBO curriculum. All of our training offerings are provided through multiple mediums. Our training strategy will be embedded with a combination of hands on training, train-the-trainer, and digital collateral. For additional support, we provide an online help desk with chat functionality and support articles.

Your dedicated Project Manager will create a customized training approach for your project. They will identify the total target population of your staff, providers, and CBOs, their current workflows, and motivations in order to inform both the implementation and training approach. We focus on delivering the most efficient workflows and making it easy for stakeholders to use the tool in their daily work.

Additional Resources

We also arm your team with additional resources for a smooth implementation:

  • Launch plan;
  • Training plan;
  • Marketing plan;
  • Integration plan;
  • In-person user training;
  • Webinar training;
  • Training videos;
  • Media kit;
  • Marketing toolkit;
  • CBO onboarding tools;
  • Office hours;
  • Extended help desk;
  • Email support for staff;
  • Phone support.

Community Engagement

To develop strong participation by nonprofits on our network, our Community Engagement team works collaboratively with our customers, utilizing existing relationships. They deliver in-person training, workshops, reports, and product enhancements supporting the efficiency, eligibility requirements, and funding strategies of nonprofits.

This collaboration is a key ingredient for long-term success. In 2020, our Community Engagement team facilitated more than 250 workshops, bringing together community stakeholders, nonprofits, government entities, and faith-based organizations to identify opportunities for collaboration. Our monthly workshops are co-led by an findhelp team member who also facilitates one-on-one conversations with each organization.

Since your social care network is already built, we deploy our Community Engagement team to train your staff on nurturing lasting relationships with community partners. However, we also offer the option to take the lead if you’re unable to make an immediate internal investment in community outreach.

In that model, we place our Community Engagement Specialists in the field on behalf of your organization for a defined period (6-24 months). Our team will travel to your communities and hold stakeholder sessions in big cities and smaller towns. The eventual goal would be to transfer outreach efforts back to your staff for sustained, ongoing network maintenance beyond the project period.

Ongoing Support

Emergency After-Hours Support: 24x7x365 availability for issues with critical severity classifications and security issues.

Software Support: As a Software-as-a-Service platform, all software upgrades are included with your findhelp license. This means you are always on the most updated version of findhelp. Our Product and Engineering teams operate using an agile software development framework, and deploy 20+ times per month.

Phone Support: Our Customer Success Managers provide phone support (9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time).

Live Search Help: With Live Search Help, users have in-product chat access during business hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT). You will have access to our search experts who know our platform inside and out. We understand the complex situations that you face, and we’re trained to help you navigate those sometimes difficult circumstances when you need an answer immediately.

Email Support for Staff: We accept support requests to [email protected] and respond within 2 business days.

Office Hours: Ask your questions, hear about the latest feature releases, and get help on challenges you’re experiencing during weekly office hours, every Wednesday from 12 – 1 p.m., Central Time.

Extended Help Desk: We provide a help desk with step-by-step instructions on how to use all features. It also includes videos and training materials and is ready to use once your platform is implemented.


Our tiered pricing is structured with a recurring software fee that includes unlimited users & usage, and a one-time implementation fee. As part of our Seekers First approach, our pricing model encourages more people in your community to get help on our platform without charging you per user, seat, session, or referral.

There are also optional add-ons available for services such as Premium Reporting and Live Search Help. We believe in transparent pricing, so all of our pricing is public and available on our website as well.

Platform Only




Enterprise Plus

Fee Type

Network Setup Fee $0 $0 $0 $0 Included
Implementation Fee Implementation fees vary based on scope. Implementation fees vary based on scope. Implementation fees vary based on scope. Implementation fees vary based on scope. One-time fee
Base Fee Per month



Per month



Per month



Per month



One-time fee

Recommended Add-Ons



Enterprise Plus


Fee Type

Premium Reports & Insights $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 Monthly Add-on
Live Search Help $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 Monthly Add-on
Integration Fee N/A Includes SSO $0-$875 Monthly Add-on
SQL Data Warehouse Access (standalone) $500  $500  $500 Monthly Add-on

*Please note — we’ll waive your implementation fee if you sign up online!

Want to talk to someone on our team? Reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get you in touch with the right person!