Ten Programs Supporting the Success of Children & Families

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and with that in mind, we’d like to highlight some of the wonderful partners who are supporting the needs of children and families day in and day out. We know that addressing the holistic needs of children and families is a community effort, and requires strong partnerships among many stakeholders. Our network of customers and nonprofits alike support the successful development of a prevention-focused ecosystem that ensures child and family needs are met. 

Below is a short list of a few programs you can find on findhelp.org that are providing critical resources that support a whole-person approach to child and family well-being.

Critical resources on findhelp.org supporting whole-person approaches to family well-being:

  1. A Home Within: Located in Oakland, CA, A Home Within offers education and training for adults who care for and work with foster youth. They also have a psychotherapy program that provides open-ended individual psychotherapy to current and former foster youth.

2. House of Hope of North Carolina: Located in Clayton, NC, House Of Hope’s Residential Services provides intensive care to teenage girls while living and attending school and counseling on campus. House of Hope is set apart from all other Residential Services in they want parents or guardians heavily involved. Parents and guardians are required to be on campus several times a week to spend time with their daughter in the healing process and in individual and family counseling.

3. Peace4Kids: Located in Los Angeles, CA, Transitional Youth Services was designed to provide intensive supports and services that enable youth to access the most basic and vital of community services during the years before and after aging out, and is uniquely positioned to steward these teens into adulthood. Their Saturday program is the main point-of-entry to Peace4Kids designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment where youth are given the guidance to learn cooperation, conflict resolution, and build self-esteem. In addition, this program connects youth in foster care with their peers, with siblings from whom they may have been separated, and with dedicated volunteers in a welcoming environment.

4. The Open Door House: Located in Cabarrus County, NC, The Open Door House provides a safe, stable and supportive residential environment, unleashing former foster youth and homeless young adults to succeed relationally, academically, vocationally and emotionally.

5. The United Methodist Church and Community Development For All People’s “Thrive to Five” program: Located in Columbus, OH, The United Methodist Church and Community Development For All People provides the Thrive to Five program to support families with babies living on the South Side of Columbus, OH. They support parents and families in their journey from pregnancy to becoming their child’s first teacher. This program provides: early childhood education, free diapers, pregnancy support, Incentive pantry rewards for participation, and linkage to additional resources such as developmental screenings, immunizations, preschool, cribs, dental/vision screening, diapers and more.

6. Goodwill Industries Nurse Family Partnership: Located in South Bend, IN, Nurse-Family Partnership pairs first-time moms with a registered nurse to support them throughout their pregnancy until their baby is two years old. Nurses provide moms with the advice and information they need to have a healthy baby and be a great mom. Families also receive case management support to help them with housing, education, employment, childcare, and more until their baby reaches five years old.

7. IMPOWER: Located in central Florida, IMPOWER is a leading non-profit mental health, substance misuse and child well-being organization dedicated to empowering the lives of those in need by offering personal attention, counseling, assistance and inspiration to help them reach their full potential and achieve individual success. No matter what barriers an individual may have encountered, IMPOWER provides the tools necessary to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

8. Program for Torture Victims: Located in Los Angeles, CA, Program For Torture Victims assists the courageous survivors of state-sponsored torture and persecution who have stood up for freedom, equality, and human dignity. They also provide basic needs such as emergency cash assistance, food, clothing as well as linkages to permanent housing and employment. Peer support groups create a sense of community for clients, allow them to share experiences, and empower them to become spokespeople against the use of torture. Their Psychological Counseling program provides individual and family psychotherapy, psychological evaluation, psychiatric evaluation and follow-up care to immigrants who have been tortured or persecuted abroad.

9. John Boner Housing Stability for Success: Located in Indianapolis, IN, JBNC provides safe, stable housing options to families, older adults, mobility-impaired, and vulnerable families. JBNC owns, operates, and manages more than 220 units to offer stable housing to those who need it most. Quality, affordable housing is a critical component in providing stability for families and ensuring that children are successful in school. Through their Housing Stability for Success program, they use a five-pronged approach to support individuals and families to identify, secure, and retain safe, high-quality, affordable housing.

10. Healthy Families Travis County (HFTC): Located in Travis County, TX, Healthy Families Travis County is a home visiting program for over-burdened first-time parents who reside in Travis County. Services include parent-child relationship building, bonding and attachment skills, education in child development, learning about community resources, and parent education & family engagement.

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