Aunt Bertha’s Screener Has Arrived!

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by Erica Rodriguez, Community Engagement Coordinator

As a Program Manager, you’ve been through this scenario more times than you can count…

Your organization receives a referral or a request for services and your instinct is to immediately reach out to see how you can help the person being referred. However, you don’t have enough information to determine if the person needing help is actually eligible for your organization’s services!

Skip the frustrating, time-consuming back & forth with our new, fully customizable Screener.

This screening form is associated with your program listing and lets you gauge the eligibility of applicants as referrals to your organization are initiated.

We built the Screener to help Community Based Organizations listed on Aunt Bertha’s closed loop referral platform accomplish a few goals:

  • Spend less time qualifying people by asking the right questions, right away
  • Provide a next step to folks who may be screened as ineligible
  • Display a customized list of alternative resources or directions to ineligible applicants
  • View impact through free analytic reporting, including your applicants’ submissions, status, and answer details

Aunt Bertha’s Screener includes:

  • Over 80 standard questions to select from
  • The ability to create and customize your own questions
  • A ‘Qualified Applicants View’ so your organization can stay focused on just those applicants you’re actively working with
  • And much more!

Aunt Bertha’s Screener is a completely free feature—all you have to do to activate it is claim your program listing and then edit your program’s contact settings!

If you’d like an in-depth tour of the tool to learn how you can put it to work for your organization, click here ! Learn more about Aunt Bertha’s Screener here.

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